Open Call for PARIS BASED

artists, food creatives and entrepreneurs to participate in Paris Food Art Week 2016

Entretempo Kitchen Gallery is pleased to announced an open call for artists, Chefs, food creatives and entrepreneurs (Galleries, Restaurants and Cafes) to join the 2016 program in Paris.

Paris Food Art Week 2016

Paris Food Art Week is a second edition to Food Art Week series, which started as Berlin Food Art Week in 2015. Curated by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, the festival held more than 60 events by 100 artists in 30 different locations all over Berlin, connecting artists, chefs and entrepreneurs to show how food can communicate ideas and concepts. This year the festival takes place in Paris, connecting an even bigger community of food enthusiasts, with its main location – Le Point Ephémére on September 16 – 18, alongside decentralized events in different galleries of Paris, which will host special exhibitions throughout the following week.

We believe that food and art are two universal languages that can promote positive changes in the world. We believe that food can be art in numerous ways and also – the other way around. We believe that food connects people and sparks cohesion in the community, simultaneously being such a volatile and adaptive art form.

For more information on the projects and Entretempo Kitchen Gallery please visit :

Berlin Food Art Week -
Paris Food Art Week -
Entretempo Kitchen Gallery –

Participation in Paris Food Art Week

Paris Food Art Week is an experience with a diverse range of activities suited to numerous different interest groups. From workshops for kids in the morning, and adults in the evening, to parties, dinner experiences, tasting experiences and music performances – all will celebrate food and art.

With this open call we are looking for Paris Based Artists, chefs, workshop leaders, galleries, cafes and restaurants.

What we offer :

Intangible and tangible platforms to explore and promote food art ideas and concepts. Food art week is not a commercial project, it is a movement.

What we expect
Commitment. We are looking for committed artists, who truly believe In the concept of the event and want to change the world using table tools. Furthermore, all participants are asked to sign an agreement form.

Independence. We ask artists to be independent and organizational, also being present at the location of the event during the dates that the artwork or the experience is presented. Travel, artwork production and installation expenses are not covered by Food Art Week.

Uniqueness. We are looking for unique artists who have bald ideas and are not afraid of big audiences.

To apply for participation please send your application to

Deadline – June 17th, 2016, 17:00

The application should include :

Short description of your art/ food experience concept and your profile
Pictures of previous projects with descriptions
Contacts : e-mail, name and surname, address and the website

If you fit the criteria we will be happy to present you in this extraordinary Food and Art event!


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